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17 Great Eyeliner Tips For Makeup Lovers




5. From Pencil to Liquid

Here’s a trick I personally use, I line my eyes with a pencil liner around the lash line, most days I create just a little wing tip to create an almond-shaped eye. It doesn’t have to be perfect at this point because I follow it up with a liquid liner on top and softly blend out the edges of the pencil liner. By doing this, I’m creating a guide for the liquid liner and creating a soft smokey edge to the eyeliner look.

6. Easiest Eyeliner Trick

This eyeliner hack is really easy to do, it gives you the best hack to create a sophisticated smokey eye look with just an eyeliner and a bronze eyeshadow, quite honestly, is the easiest eyeliner trick out there. Just line your eye with liquid liner and then swipe a creamy bronze shadow and blend the edges. Voila! an easy, smokey eye look in a little over 1 minute.

7. Colored Ombre Pastel Eyeliner

Afraid you’ll look like a child when wearing colored eyeliner, I wouldn’t worry about it, makeup is supposed to be fun. Besides, don’t we all want to look young?

8. Dropped Eyeliner Trick

This is a stylish look to wear every day. A dropped eyeliner is when you bring the base of the wing slightly below the upper lash line going into the wing tip. Take note that this look requires for a more rounded tip at the end of the winged liner so don’t worry about keeping the tip sharp. Just make sure that it looks clean.















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