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17 Great Eyeliner Tips For Makeup Lovers




9. Perfect Cat Eye Eyeliner

Every woman must know how to make the basic winged cat eye eyeliner. It is simply such a beautiful, feminine, flirty look that creates such a strong statement for anyone. Learn how you can a sexy cat eyeliner and more with this tutorial on this page.

Got monolid eyes? Don’t worry, this winged eyeliner will open up those beautiful eyes!

10. Two Toned Winged Eyeliner

This eyeliner hack is anything but boring. By using two colored liners, you can create a fun look that’s perfect for spring or summer. But if you use darker colors like plums and blues, I’m sure this is something you can pull off for fall and winter as well.

11. Bigger Eye with White Eyeliner

This eyeliner hack works on anyone. Whether you already have big eyes or if you have smaller, Asian eyes, this hack creates a bright and bigger looking eye that helps you look more awake. It does this by creating an illusion that the lower lash line is an extension of the white part of the eye, making the eye appear bigger and wide awake.

12. DIY Gel Eyeliner

Say what? We are all for beauty on a budget so I’m excited to share this DIY makeup project with you. This eyeliner hack creates a gel liner consistency using pencil liner, making application easier and creamier.





















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