Your overall appearance of the face can be greatly affected by how you apply your eye makeup. Since eyes are one of the best features of one piece you need to do the eye makeup very carefully and beautiful as well. It is the colour of your eyes and your skin tone that words determine the colour of your eye shadow. Fair skin women should try with Shades like Blues silver pinks while people of comparatively darker skin complexion can try and Shadows of bronze brown and green shades. While applying eyeshadow you must always go for the basic neutral eyeshadow powder and blended well all over your eyelids. Then you should apply on light shade of eyeshadow on your eyelids and then take a darker shade and start applying yet from the corner of your eyes and blend it very well. Remember that you must always apply the eyeliner after you apply the eyeshadow and not before it. After applying the eyeliner go for the mascara and apply the mascara only after you curl your lashes. If you want for a dramatic effect you can try with three colours that complement each other and make use of different Shades like light medium and then dark. If you are going for a night out party and if you have fair skin then you can try for Silver for the light Shades light blue for the medium shade and dark blue for the dark shade. Apply them one after the other but make sure to blend all the three very properly in order to get that dramatic look. If you want you can apply a bit of eyeshadow of the same colours on the waterline. This way you can do your eye makeup very beautifully and make your eyes look very attractive.


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