Welcome, all makeup lovers! This article is a great read for those who need some quick tips for wearing eyeliner when you have small eyes.


Hello my makeup beauties! As you all know when it comes to makeup, eyeliner can really make all the difference and bring the look together. Eyeliner, in my opinion, is my favorite and most challenging step to put on in my makeup routine. I believe my eyes are one of my best features on my face so I try to accentuate them accordingly with eyeliner and makeup for my eyes. Eyeliner can be subtle and eyeliner can also be very dramatic. This all depends on your preference and style. Regardless of how subtle or dramatic you want it to be you have to take into consideration the size of your eyes. Do you have small eyes? Do you have big eyes? Do you have almond eyes or round eyes? Do you have hooded eyes? Do you have no eyelids or too droopy of eyelids? So many things to take into consideration when you’re doing your eyeliner, especially if you aim to look your best.

10 Best Eyeliner Tricks For Girls With Small Eyes

1.Blue Eyeliner

If you have small eyes you can guarantee that blue eyeliner can draw a lot of attention to your eyes. A good vibrant eyeliner can always do the trick in complementing your small eyes. It can definitely make your eyes look a lot brighter. This is especially flattering for hazel and brown eyes.