4.Cat Eye Makeup

One really good eye makeup look to make your small eyes look a bit bigger is the Cat Eye look. Perfect for hazel eyes! All eye colors really. It’s a great party look and going out on the town look for women with small eyes. To achieve this look, you have extend the winged eyeliner further and then smudge a deep brown shade or grey shade onto the outer wing. Make sure to smudge it with the base eyeshadow you put on the whole lid to give it a more gradient, smoky look.

5.Cut Crease Makeup

I think we can all agree that the Cut Crease makeup was invented for anyone out there who has small eyes and want to make your eyes appear bigger. This is a popular trend that originated in Europe. To get this look you must use a lighter eyeshadow as a base on the entire lid. You will not only line the upper lash line, but you must line above the eye crease to create different volumes for the eye shape and elongating the eyes. A good tip to remember is when drawing the crease line is you can make your eyes appear more rounded and doll-like by slightly curving the eyeliner wing towards the crease.

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