10.Curl Your Lashes

Another helpful tip to make your eyes appear bigger and fuller is to curl your lashes after you are done applying eyeliner. Some prefer before so they know where their eyeliner is going to begin and end on their eyes. Colored mascara can also draw more attention to your eyes and make them appear bigger.

Makeup On Fleek!

Native American Indians always said that eyes are the windows to the soul. If that is the case, and Native American Indians always made sure to give praise to peoples eyes and took care of their eyes, then maybe you should too. Your eyes tells your story even when you don’t speak. So regardless if you have small eyes or big eyes, whether you have eyeliner on or no eyeliner, whether your eyes makeup is on fleek or not, you’re speaking. So with that in mind be creative and free when you are putting makeup on your eyes. You should consider how to add depth to the story that is being told through your eyes. Small eyes or big eyes should never keep you from wanting to try eyeliner on or to put makeup on your eyes. In fact, you should always be confident in your eyes and your makeup.

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