What is it about watching makeup tutorials that is so therapeutic? Is it satisfaction of watching a bare-faced mortal transform into a completely different being? Or the magical things they can do with the same makeup products littering our own bathrooms?

Whatever the case, the best YouTube tutorials make us feel like we’ve got a professional makeup artist right in our own home, teaching us their tricks of the trade — for free. And better yet, we can pause and replay as many times as it takes to master the trickiest makeup techniques. 

Since it can be tough to know where to start, we created a short list of the best makeup tutorials out there, featuring vloggers who wield makeup brushes like magic wands. Whatever it is you want to master — be it false lashes, winged liner, a smoky eye or the cut crease — we found the video tutorials that truly break it down for you step-by-step. So sit back, grab your makeup brushes and watch your makeup goals become reality.