#1 Best Contouring and Highlighting Tutorial With Kandee Johnson

 This makeup tutorial from crimson-haired YouTube doll Kandee Johnson removes all of the mystery surrounding contouring. (Sure, we know everyone says contouring is out, but that doesn’t mean makeup artists aren’t still using it on their celebrity clients.) In this video, she shows us how to contour as well as highlight the face from all angles for that lit-from-within glow.

Along the way, Kandee explains the ideal face shape as well as makeup color theory, in a way that only she knows how — with tons of humor. She also shows us how to spotlight our best features, while downplaying our less-favorable ones. When her entire face is covered in highlighter and contour, and we worry she’s steered us wrong, she pulls out her trusted Beautyblender and shows us the way to a beautiful, chiseled end result. 

#2 Best Smoky Eye Tutorial with Dulce Candy 

A smoky eye is one of those eye makeup techniques that doesn’t seem very hard until you try to execute it. If a smoky eye is your personal struggle, this tutorial from beauty blogger Dulce Candy will up your game in no time. 

Dulce shows us how to create the dramatic eye look by starting with a white bristled brush (they pick up less product) and holding it at the very end to ensure a light touch, gradually building the smoky eye from lightest to darkest colors. She shows us how to add black shadow by using a flat brush — “packing” the color onto the lid then using a fluffier brush to blend and smudge outward. She accentuates the eye shadow with a lighter brown shade, lines the eye and uses a lash curler before applying mascara — all to really make the eye pop. The woman knows her brushes, and it shows. The end result is a gorgeous, black smoky eye.