#3 Best Acne Concealing Makeup Tutorial with MyPaleSkin 

MyPaleSkin is the woman to turn to for blemish-concealing makeup tutorials. When she developed adult acne, Em Ford, a beauty aficionado from London, decided to start a blog about her experience — and all of the makeup tricks she learned to hide it. She’s also a vocal campaigner to end body shaming — especially in the form of hurtful YouTube comments. 

In this makeup tutorial, Em reels us in from the very beginning with surprising tips like using a grey-toned concealer underneath foundation to neutralize blemishes. After a meticulous application of her foundation, Em applies one more layer of concealer with a brush and feathers it out with a Beautyblender. The trick, she says, is to slowly build up coverage in layers. Instead of using powder to set her look, she sprays her face and Beautyblender with finishing spray, then taps the concealed spots with her sponge for a completely flawless finish. You would never know she had a pimple a day in her whole life. 

#4 Best Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial With
chelseas makeup

Looking for a foolproof makeup tutorial to break down this glamorous, contoured eye look?
chelseas makeup, YouTube beauty blogger with tons of gorgeous looks to choose from, shows us how to create the coveted cut crease. 

Consider this your Cliffs Notes version of the cut crease.
chelseas cuts to the chase, skipping the blow-by-blow on foundation application and other basics, and goes straight to what we really want — the eye tutorial. We love that she starts the video with one eye finished so we can see the final look that we are trying to achieve. And she’s got a genius approach that simplifies the cut crease: She uses a pointed shadow brush to follow the eyelid crease in a line that mimics her winged liner. Then, she blends it out for a slight gradient effect. By the end, we all feel confident that we can recreate this look ourselves.