#5 Best No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial With Nicole Guerriero 

Not quite sure how to pull off the no-makeup makeup look? No judgment here — it’s way harder than it looks. Luckily, this tutorial from self-taught YouTube makeup guru, Nicole Guerriero, will have you looking naturally flawless in 10 minutes. 

Nicole hooks us immediately with her no-nonsense, goofball personality. She shows us her hack for flawless skin using a primer followed by a retractable, creamy concealer crayon to cover any blemishes. The next part is completely customizable, depending on how much time you have to commit to your no-makeup makeup look. Nicole gives the option of adding a flush of pink to cheeks and lips or a quickie brow fill-in and some mascara. This tutorial makes it supereasy to get out the door in mere moments with only a handful of products. 

#6 Best False Lash Tutorial With Jaclyn Hill

 For those of you who struggle with false lashes, only to end up with them crooked or flapping in the breeze, this is the false lash tutorial you’ve been waiting for. Fashion and Makeup YouTube darling Jaclyn Hill has had some big-name beauty collaborations in the past year, and it’s obvious why. Her insanely detailed makeup tutorials break down challenging techniques in a way that even the severely makeup challenged can understand. 

Jaclyn gives us so many tricks and tips in this video (and let’s face it, we need all the help we can get when it comes to lashes). Who would have known that angling your magnifying mirror upward would make applying falsies so much easier? Other hacks we love: trimming lashes to fit your eye (from the outer corner so as not to alter the shape of the fringe), and applying the lash glue straight from the tube to your lashes — waiting 30 seconds to one minute to let the glue become tacky. And if you can’t quite get the placement of your lashes just right — it’s because you’re using your fingers instead of tweezers. After trying out her tips, our lash application looks exactly the way we want it to. NBD.