#7 Best Winged Liner Tutorial With Chrisspy 

Fun-to-watch vlogger Chrisspy (known for her wild hair colors and out-of-this-world Halloween makeup) gives us the quintessential classic winged eyeliner tutorial — and we love how simple it is to follow. 

Chrissy makes it supereasy by talking about the amount of product on the brush and the varying pressures needed to create the look. Start by using a liquid liner with a long built-in brush along the inner corner of the eye, staying superclose to the lash line. Do not re-dip the brush. Instead use the almost-dry brush to taper the inner corner of the eye. Re-dip and draw the line out towards the eyebrow, releasing the pressure at the end of the stroke. Draw a triangle connecting back to the first line. Fill this section in. Drag the line up to the tip of the tail, again releasing the pressure to get that perfect narrow tip. Clean up the initial line and finish with mascara and lashes (for a more dramatic look.) You are now ready to SLAY. 

#8 Best Matte Lip Tutorial With Nikkie Tutorials 

This gorgeous vlogger from the Netherlands creates some of the most sparkly, colorful makeup tutorials around. Here she takes us back to basics by schooling us on the right way to apply matte lipstick — without using lip liner.

Trick No. 1 to getting a perfectly drawn lip? Start with a blank canvas by applying foundation or concealer all over your lips. The next thing you’re probably doing wrong? Applying your lipstick straight from the tube. Instead, she says, use your favorite lip brush to draw a precise “X” on your cupid’s bow so that your right and left side will be symmetrical. Once your lips are fully filled in, clean up any messy edges with concealer. There you have it, a supereasy, supersymmetrical matte pout.