#9 Best Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial With Desi Perkins

 In this makeup tutorial with over 14 million views, Desi Perkins, one of the most subscribed-to beauty bloggers, shows us how to fill in sparse eyebrows perfectly. Desi, like so many women, has succumbed to the fate of overplucked eyebrows. The thing is, you’d never know it by looking at her. 

The key to this look is using multiple products on different parts of the brow. Desi starts by applying a wax product to hold the hairs in place. Then, using a brow pencil, she draws precise, hair-like strokes to fill in sparse areas. You want to focus on building the inner, denser part of the brow first. To avoid product buildup, she periodically uses her spoolie to brush the brows. To create the tail, use a brow pomade with a small angled brush; feather-light strokes will help create the illusion of individual hairs. Make sure to use a little product at a time and build as you go. Keep the inner corners lighter to mimic the gradient of natural brows. Finish with a brow gel, brushing upward to keep the effect natural. Lastly, Desi finishes the look with concealer applied with a stiff brush under the brow to accentuate the line. 

#10 Best Glitter Eye Tutorial With Laurla lee 

Laura Lee, southern belle and queen of tongue-popping, is known for her down-to-earth, goofy nature in her YouTube makeup tutorials. In this video, she shows us a glitzy eye makeup look perfect for anyone who loves a little sparkle. 

Start by using a light eye shadow all over, then blending a medium neutral into the lid. Follow with two medium brown shades, progressively getting darker until reaching the darkest black shade in the corners. Blend it out and create the outline of the lid, where you’ll place the glitter. After you’ve got the glitter glue in place, use a flat brush to pack on the sparkle exactly where you want it. Follow with eyeliner and mascara. When you’ve finished your makeup, swipe beneath your eye with a cloth to catch the glitter fallout (because let’s face it, there will be glitter everywhere.) And there you have an ultra-sparkly, festive look.