How many of you love getting ready for a wedding or a party or any other special occasion? And, how many of you get confused as to what comes first– eye makeup or foundation, eyeliner or mascara? Don’t worry. We are going to guide you, step-by-step on how you can do your makeup at home for occasions like weddings.

Step #1

Begin with skin care and then use primer

Make sure that you are using your regular moisturiser and allowing it to seep into the skin, at least 15 minutes before moving on to foundation. After moisturiser, and before foundation, I would strongly recommend using a face primer. A primer makes your foundation last longer. It acts like a barrier between your skin and the foundation.

Step #2

Move on to the foundation

Now, the moisturrie and primer will make the application of your foundation very smooth. So, apply a good foundation of your choice- powder, liquid or cream. Make sure that you set the liquid or cream foundation with a loose powder, so that your foundation stays all through the day.

Step #3

Time for the eyeshadow

Remember, your eyes should not ‘match’ your outfit; it should ‘complement’ the colours on your dress. Use colours that are opposite of the colours on your dress. The key to applying eyeshadow is using a flat eyeshadow brush, and then a fluffy dome-shaped brush to blend. Make sure you apply a darker colour in your crease and follow it up with a highlighter up to your brow bone. This softens any harsh lines that could be visible to the naked eye.