Myth #5: Pump Your Mascara Wand In And Out To Get Rid Of Clumps!


Mascara is one makeup product, which gets easily deteriorated with usage. Pumping the mascara wand in and out will only result in pumping air into the mascara tube, resulting in the formula drying faster than the expiry date and the air might also cause bacterial accumulation. The best way to easily get rid of mascara clumps is to rotate the mascara wand in the tube and then wipe it with a tissue before applying it to your eyelashes.

Myth #6: Eyeshadow Cannot Match Your Eye Color!


Contrasting colors with the eye makeup and eye color can really lift your eyes and make them pop, but that doesn’t mean you cannot match your eyeshadow with the eye color. Brown eyes can’t wear brown eyeshadow, blue eyes cannot carry blue eyeshadows are misconceptions. In fact, matching hues can also make a strong bold statement.

Myth #7: Concealer Should Always Be Lighter Than Foundation!


This is the biggest myth believed by many people, which is absolutely not true! It is best to match your concealer like your foundation to your skin tone as possible. Lighter concealers will only make your dark circles, flaws, and other imperfection stand out.