Long hair has always been enchanting. Whether left simply open, given long curls, or even when given a folding bun, they carry a different and elegant look for every occasion and every outfit. As they come with long length, it is also easy to get any kind of stylish hairstyle for ordinary or occasional days. This is one of the reasons why the ladies are moving towards growing long hair. Similarly, women are now looking for easy hairstyles for long hair on the internet that give them the best look without spending hours on getting that look. But are all the hairstyles made for you? No, the hairstyle depends on the face cut also.

Here are some quick and easy to make hairstyles that would help you in getting that desired hair look by saving your time, nerves and efforts.

15 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

1. Outward Curls With Sided Tuck Hair Behind Ear

This starlet looks with long curls dropping down on one side with a swooped ear back look on the other side would surely turn a number of eyes on you. The hairstyle gives the best look when carried out on freshly washed hair for evening parties and dinners.

  • Pick up two inches of hair section every time and make curls from the lower half portion of the hair. Make a point to rotate the hair for curling using a curling iron.
  • Make a partition of your hair and draw it to one of the sides.
  • From the side having less hair, draw your hair move the hair apart from the face and at the back of the head, pin it up.
  • Lastly, use some light hairspray to hold the hair and make sure they are frizz free.

2. Highlighted Updo With Messy Long Swept Side Bang

Getting late for work? This hairstyle gives the best look when your hair is not ready for getting dressed. This simple hairstyle on long hair gives a simple, yet professional look in just a minute of time. Thought it carries a messy texture, it still gives an appealing look.

  • Leaving your side bangs aside, take the remaining hair and roll them behind for making a bun. Don’t comb it as that would not give it a messy look.
  • While plucking the bun using pins, make sure the hair ends remain in the outside direction giving a messy look
  • Using a comb, slide the bangs on one side of the face.

3. Simple Pony With Hair Wrap

Though this hairstyle is simple, it still gives a sleek look to the women with long hair. The hairstyle is carried out for regular styling and also for special occasions for a neat look by using the hair strip as the rubber band. For getting this sophisticated hairstyle:

  • Using a straightener, straighten all your hair by picking small strips of it.
  • Use a comb and make a ponytail on the back side.
  • Tie the hair using arubber And how topick a tiny strip of hair from the tail.
  • Wrap it around the ponytail while you hold the ponytail above.
  • Use a pin for fixing the remaining end of the ponytail.

4. Side Ponytail With Mess

A simple ponytail in this hairstyle is given a messy look with bangs over for making that perfect look. The hairstyle comes with a number of fine curls and wraps that give your hair a stylish touch on one side. The hairstyle is a perfect match for evening parties, special occasions of weddings, etc. For getting this messed up yet lovely look:

  • Open your curls by using a brush for giving the curls a perfectly required volume.
  • Take your bangs on a single side.
  • Leave them open, and tie the hair after pulling them beside your shoulder or slightly above it.
  • Use your fingers for opening the curls on the hair slightly dressing them on the side of the ponytail giving it high volume.
  • For getting that puff on the head, use a comb or brush smoothing down the hair.
  • You can also use some hair to cover the rubber band making a loose messy look.

5. Beehive Hair Bun With Side Flicks

This hairstyle is adopted for retro themed parties. The bun gives you a flattering look from others giving you an inner twisted look for a mysterious look. With awide number of wraps, this hair bun gives your hair amazing volume that is decorated with side flicks too. Simple steps for this marvellous hairstyle include:

  • Make sections of your hair from ear to ear direction in horizontal side.
  • Take a teasing comb and use it giving your hair a downward fall at the back.
  • Leaving your flicks aside, and grab all the teased hair on the front towards the backside using a comb with thick tooth.
  • Gather all the hair you have smoothed in the center and pin them with the help of bobby pins.
  • Collect all the hanging leftover hair strips and roll them making a bun and pin it under the beehive you have formed.
  • Use some fine bobby pins to secure the formed bun firmly below the beehive.
  • Dress up your side flicks in the side center giving it an outward curl.