Learn how to make your lips look bigger with these 20 awesome makeup tricks. You’ll smile when you see how plump your lips look after trying these tricks.

Cursed with thin lips? Learn how to make them bigger

In a world where lips like Kylee Jenner’s are popular, it can be hard to have naturally thin lips and no money to waste on lip fillers. However, there are many other ways to make your lips look bigger than having anything synthetic injected into your lips. There are many makeup tricks that can give you bigger and plumper lips naturally. Below are 20 tricks to make your lips look bigger and plumper. These range from lip scrubs, to lip liner, to even paper. Explore these ideas and see which works best for you. Maybe they even all work great for you! Enjoy your bigger, sexier lips!

Trick # 1: exfoliate lips

Removing dead skin and excess flakes can do wonders for your lips. This is a simple trick that will make your lips look bigger without adding makeup to the mix. This also keeps your lips soft and shows off their natural color. This can be done simply with a toothbrush that will lightly brush off any easy to remove flakes without you damaging your dry lips any more. It can also be done with any lip scrub, like sugar scrubs or gloss scrubs, or any exfoliator made specifically for lips. There are even lip masks that you can leave on to create smoother lips. There are some intended for overnight use and other intended for only 20 minutes, so make sure to read any and all directions before using any of these store bought products.

Trick # 2: adding lipgloss

After you put on your lipstick, add a little clear lipgloss to the center of your lips, or even a lipgloss that matches your lipstick color. The shimmer and shine this creates grabs the light which causes your lips to look bigger and luxurious naturally. This simple makeup tip can create an instant plumping effect that will make you smile every time you see yourself in the mirror.

Trick # 3: Lip line

This trick involves overdrawing your lip line. Get lipliner that is the same color as your lipstick and draw it slightly outside of your natural lip line. You can use concealer on your lips to even further enhance this look. Just fill in your lips with lipstick and smile because your lips are bigger and you look totally amazing.

Trick # 4: dark lipstick

This next trick is a simple one: avoid dark lipstick. Dark lipstick makes your lips look smaller and therefore, less plump. Wearing lighter shades will make your lips stand out and look bigger. Colors to avoid can include dark purple, dark red, dark blue, etc. Colors to use can include light pink, nude, lavender, and more depending both on your lip and skin color.

Trick # 5: Concealer

Another way to make you lips look bigger is to put concealer on your lips. For this, simply dab concealer over your lips and over the lip line. Make sure to use concealer that matches your skin color. What this little trick does is it makes the lipstick go onto your lips looking closer in color to what it looks like in the tube, making your lips look bigger. Additional makeup is always a good and simple way to help out your lips.