High Heels have always been a women’s obsession. High heels can never run out of fashion. They are always in huge demand. High Heels not only adds height but also gives you a very stylish and elegant look. If you want to be the centre of attraction in a party then you must wear up a beautiful dress with a high heeled shoe. Although high heeled shoes have adverse consequences still they are very popular. There are many types of high heel shoes available in the market. It is always advisable to you to choose High Heels shoe in which you are comfortable. This is because if you can’t balance on your Heels you can’t walk properly. That can lead to some leg injury as well. So, it is better to use high heel shoes only for special occasions and try the ones in which you are very comfortable. Stilettos are the highest of all the heels. They are even up to 8 inches in length. They are quite difficult to walk in. They provide very little surface for stability. But if you were still a toe in a party it looks absolutely stylish. Wages are available in High Heels as well. But still it is the most comfortable footwear available. It offers more arch support and reduces foot and ankle problems. Ankle strap Heels also look very smart special if it is worn with a short dress or short skirt. Platform Heels are another type of Heels which you can try out for parties in the evening. Choose any kind of high heel shoes in which you feel you are very comfortable.

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