Happy Young Woman Lying on grass and listening music.

What are unsaid parts of a woman’s life? These Quotes About Women will tell you all about those unsaid parts and feelings buried inside. It is truly said that a woman’s heart is an ocean of secrets, and that is often regarded as something bad, isn’t it? However when you read on these Quotes About Women  you will realise that the reason behind all those secrets was love and loyalty every woman has for her loved ones.

Everyone knows that many a times there facts and news that could hurt very badly and there are not known incidents that can cause pain. A woman keeps all these hidden inside her for the good of others around her. If you don’t consider this then at-least consider how much trouble and hardships a woman tolerates in this world dominated by men. She faces injustice and discrimination on every step of her life. So many times she is kept away from what she deserves only because she is a female.

This has to stop, enough is enough and this is not just a phase in this case. Men have to start respecting women for what she is, and that is the bringer of life or one could say the symbol of elegance. They are not sheep to be steered by men.