Makeup is a piece of art and when it comes to your beautiful face modifying, there are many creative approaches you can apply. Moreover – to be a real pro in makeup is from now on essential for every girl and every matured woman. However, there are several rules in makeup application you need to take under consideration whatever the occasion is and whatever product types you use. So, prepare yourself for some great makeup tips and tricks you cannot live without. Make sure you learn them properly and never forget to use them, when you are going out!

1.Wise mascara application

Every woman has her own mascara application approach, but in most cases the problem with this task appears to be the same – those dirty black spots that appear on your eyelids or under your eyes. Brushing them away is not always the best idea, because the general rule for mascara application requires you to do it after the foundation application. So when you remove the spots, you will smear your foundation makeup. To avoid all of these issues, simply, put a spoon above and under your eyes, when the time for mascara comes!

2.Proper blush application

Putting blush to your cheeks is also a good idea to make your face look more radiant and glowing – especially in those days, when neither your skin, nor your face look happy to face the world or go to work. To achieve the best effect, though, finding the most expensive and high-quality blush product is not enough. You need to know the proper blush application trick. It is not universal tip every woman can use, but it depends on your face shape. Check out below:



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