21. Scotch Tape Method.

For a perfect wing, use the scotch tape method. Just stick a scotch tape in an angular fashion on the sides of your eyes and let the ends guide you to achieve that killer winged eyeliner every single time. You can also use a spoon, business card, debit card or basically anything with a straight edge as a guide.

23. Go Natural With Tightlining.

Try tightlining for the perfect no makeup look. Instead of putting the eyeliner on the lashline, apply it beneath the line. Make sure you use a waterproof variant for this one.

24. Use A Shadow To Lock It In.

Use an eyeshadow of the same shade as the eyeliner to set the liner in place.

 Makeup Tips To Apply Kohl/Kajal

25. Prevention From Smudging.

When it comes to smudge prevention, kajal is not the easiest product to work with. However, to ensure your kajal stays put for hours, simply dab some eyeshadow over it once you are done. You can also use an eyeliner. Simply draw a line with the liner over your kajal. It will lock the kajal in place and also look super neat.

26. Hassle Free Smokey Eyes.

For a quick smokey eye, apply kohl on your upper and lower lashlines and waterline and then smudge it. Finish off by drawing a sideways ‘V’ on the outer corner and blend well. Rock the sultry smokey eyes for a night out.

27. Easy Removal Of Kajal

Removing kajal from your eyes can be quite a task. Simply dip a Q-tip into a cleansing lotion and carefully remove the kajal with it. Avoid poking yourself in the eyes.

Mascara Application Tips

28. Use Tissue Paper To Eliminate Clumping.

To prevent mascara from clumping, wipe off the excess product on a tissue paper before every application.

29. Use Baby Powder For Thicker Lashes.

If you want your eyelashes to plump up, follow this technique. First, apply a coat of mascara and then dust some baby powder on it. Then, apply a second coat. It will instantly give your lashes dramatic volume.

30. Contact Lens Solution Is The Solution.

Instead of scrapping your flaky mascara, add a few drops of the same solution you clean your contact lenses with to it. The formula would be back to a usable consistency. You can also put the tube in a glass of warm water to liquefy the formula.