Being on a budget doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. Winter may be coming to a close soon, but you know there are pieces from your winter wardrobe that you won’t be able to let go off because you know you’ll be using them again. Coats, for example, are a staple in anyone’s winter wardrobe. There are plenty of different kinds of coats out there, though, and if your goal is to build a classic winter wardrobe that will last (and save you money from buying new ones again and again in the future) then read on below.

A classic, neutral trench coat 

A classic trench coat in a neutral color is something that you can bank on will never go out of style. If you haven’t got one already or if you’re looking for one to add to your cold weather wardrobe, feel free to splurge a bit on one. You’ll definitely be getting a lot of wear from it in the years to come.

A ritzy fur coat  

I know it doesn’t snow everywhere, but any girl who loves fashion needs at least one ritzy-looking fur coat in her wardrobe. You can use it to jazz up a plain and simple outfit for dressy events, for that out-of-the-country-to-somewhere-cold trip in the future, or for when you just want to play dress up and have fun at home! Obviously, if you’re not going to be wearing it as much, I wouldn’t suggest buying something super high-end.