Even short hair can’t stop anyone from styling them. Here are some easy and glamorous updos for short hair for all occasions.

There’s always no woman who doesn’t like wearing a different look by creating different hairstyles. Women with short hair often find it difficult to find a hairstyle that is both glamorous and easy. But who said having short hair means you cannot have glamorous and easy updos. Here we are listing 20 glamorous and easy updos for short hair so women with short hair go ahead and enjoy.

Braided Updos For Short Hair

Braiding the hair is a trendy way to create a decorative border at the back and above it you can arrange your hair to look like an updo. For this style braid your hair along the nape of the neck making a horizontal band. Now you can brush the back of the crown for texture or add curly locks for the volume. You can also use the braid for all sorts of easy updo for your hair depending on the length of it.

Easy Unconstructed Pins Updos

If you have seen Kristen Stewart, you would know why her bob hair is among everyone’s favorite hairstyles, especially for anyone who is looking for edgy haircuts. For the look, pull half of your hair from one side to the back and pin them with large bobby pins in an unconstructed manner. It will add some spunk to your casual look. Do this to the other side as well. Keep some face framing pieces on the other side as that will keep the style from appearing too harsh. Or, if you could, let the other side be, it will be your half updo for a more natural look.

Easy Updos With Multi Headbands For Short Hair

If your hair is too short to do anything with them, this is the perfect updo for you. Imitate Lupita Nyong’o’s look with this practical style for super short hair. If you have curly hair, it will work in the favour of your updo. If not, you can obtain curly hair by curling it a little for giving it the look. Now all you have to do is pick several headbands that you want to use and utilise them to pull your hair back, away from your face. You will have the same swept back look like the traditional updo carries and that too without much trouble, cute, natural classy and casual.