Accessorised Ponytail Updo For Short Hair

Ponytail is hard for the short hair but with a little effort, you can not only make a ponytail but turn it into an updo as well. Just comb your hair back and apply stronghold gel to keep them in place. On the sides, behind your ears, tuck the hair back with embellished hair clips. Use one to two clips on each side. Then gather the hair in a bunch and tie them with an embellished band. If you want to turn it into a bun, tuck them under the base of ponytail, securing them with bobby pins or U-pins. Also you can either keep the natural look of your hair for a casual look or color them for a little texture.

The Cute Ballerina Bun Updo

When it comes to wrapping a bun, long hair faces no issues. However, doing that with short hair is a different story altogether. But with this article, you can give your short hair the same updo with ease. For starting, you will need to keep your hair unwashed, it will give your style a grip. Now, pull your hair up together in a high ponytail and secure it with elastic band. Secure all the loose strands sliding out of the band with the help of barrettes. Also, don’t forget few face framing strands to let loose around your face. You can have the strands in their natural look or can do them curly. Either way, they will look cute on you.

Three Stacked Buns Updo

Barrettes works well for many, but not all are sold on using them all the time. So, here is a way to spice up your ballerina bun with miniature three stacked buns. Make three vertical ponytails one below the other and twist them. Wrap each of them on the right side making small buns and securing them with bobby pins. If you want a laid back and casual look, leave some face framing locks either keeping them in their natural look or making them a little curly. For a more classic and polished look, spray back any loose locks and flyaways.

The Easy Messy Bun For Short Hair

Messy bun isn’t just for a gym goer. It holds a charm for everyone. The laid back look and the ease of making it makes it so irresistible. Just use your fingers for pulling back your hair in a pony and twist it for making a bun. Secure it with bobby pin. If you can’t twist it, just fold it and secure. It could be at the middle of the back of your head or a little lower, as per the convenience. You could also accessorise it for a glamorous look or keep it simple without adornments.