Teased Ponytail

Yes, you can make a teased ponytail updo even in short hair. For that you will need to prep your hair a little. When your hair is damp after a fresh wash, spray a little mist and then finger comb them. Let them dry on their own. Leave some locks at the front for framing your face and pull the rest of the hair in a pony with just your fingers. Secure it with a band. Take a small section of hair from the tail, twist it and wrap it around the band, securing it with a pin.

Low Wrapped Bun

I know, it sounds a little out of reach for short hair but is perfectly doable and you can achieve it with a little effort. The flyaways are hard to get hold of while doing the low bun. Use a strong hold spray or gel for keeping those stray strands stuck to your updo. Use a styler gel to smoothen your hair and gather them into a bunch and twist them into a bun. Keep securing the bun with the U-pins and bobby pins. For a more casual and cute look, let some curly locks dance on your face.

The Pinned Up Pixie Updo

If you have short hair, you must be aware that bobby pins are the best friend of a girl with short hair. Deep side part your hair or tease your crown for adding a little glamour and drama to your style. Start from the bottom and move up to the center. Take a section of hair from one side, take it over to the other side along the nape of your neck and keep pining it twice or thrice for keeping it in place. Take another section from the same side, and repeat the same but make sure it lies along the first pinned section. For a casual look you can place the pins in an alternate manner while pinning each section. If you like you can also add embellishments to your updo for a cute look. If you have ends dangling you can either get them curly or pin them away.

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