Cute Chignon Updo Hairstyles

Chignons are the most sought after Updo for any length of hair. So, if you want to style the playful locks for a formal occasion, you must go for the chignon updo. For this make three sections of your hair, leaving small sections on each side. Not take the middle section and finger comb it into a low ponytail. Secure it with a band. Turn the tail inside under the band and secure it with the pins. That’s your chignon. Now take the section from one side, twist it, bring it to the other side from over the bun and secure it. Do that with the other section as well. You can also choose to not twist it. Let the flyaways on the sides be as they are but secure the ones on the back with pins.

Half Up- Half Down Natural Updo

If you don’t have much time at hand and you want a quick updo, here is the one for you. Comb your hair and divide it into two horizontal sections. Take the top portion and tease it a little. Use your fingers to smoothen the upper part and gather it into a bunch. Now twist the bunch around your finger and roll it for making a messy bun. Pin it in place and you can opt for some embellished pins if you want to give it a little glamorous touch. Leave the other half as it is. You can even leave a few face framing locks both the sides for a more playful look. There, you are done.

The Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Having a wedding or attending one could be a nightmare for the women with short hair. They are not left with much option to style their hair. We have just the updo style for you. Comb your hair well, leaving a few face framing sections on the side and apply heat protection spray to the rest of the hair. Use the curling rod to make big curls. When you are done, start pinning your curls at the back of your head giving it the shape of a bun. Adorn the updo with flowers and embellishments. You are good to rock the wedding.