French Twist Updo

French knot is a little difficult updo to attain in short hair but worth taking the effort. To start with, tease the hair at your crown. It will add a little volume to your hair. Now smoothen the hair a little at the surface to make it neat. Create a pouf at the crown and pin it in place. Now brush the hair to one side and pin them from bottom to the center of your head. Use your fingers to roll the bunch inside, like a French knot and pin it as well. Pull some face framing sections and use strong hold spray to keep the flyaways in place.

Casual French Braid Updo

If you have hair a little longer than the pixie cut, you can try any braid on them. So, for this style begging with the French braid. Once you have braided the hair till the end, secure it with the band. Gently tug the sections of the braid for a fuller look. If it looks a little messy, let it be. Now roll the tail of the braid into a bun and secure it with the pin. Your French braid updo is done. You can either leave it plain and simple or adorn it with embellished accessories, your choice.

The Crown Braid Updo

For this style, part your hair in two sections from the middle. Now, start braiding in the front all the way till the nape. Keep adding hair from the front as you go on braiding. Secure the end with the band. Do that with the other side as well. When you have secured both ends, tie them together with a band. For finishing the look, tuck in the remaining hair from the bottom to the braid. Keep securing them with pins as you go. You can add a little texture to your style or let it be natural.

These are just the 20 updo styles that are both glamorous and easy for short hair. However there are many other easy ways you can style your hair. Like take a few small sections from each side and crisscross them. Pinning them in the middle. That’s an easy way. However if you want to turn it into an updo, just make a tiny bun by twirling your hair around under the crisscross. Secure it with pins. You can even turn a simple ponytail into an updo. Make a ponytail at the centre of your back head and secure it with a band. Curl the tails in different sections and then pin it over and around the base of the ponytail in a way that it looks like a bun. Spray a stronghold spray to keep the updo in place. You can also use accessories to adorn your bun. Another updo you can do with the ponytail is add a little twist to it.

Part your hair on one side. Take a section of hair from the side with more hair and divide it further into two sections. Now twist each section with the other like a braid. Along with the twisted section, gather your hair in a bunch at the nape of your neck and tie them in your ponytail. Secure it with the band. Now roll the ponytail into a bun and you are done. Now there is a variation of ponytail along with the braids. Part your hair in three vertical sections. Take the middle section and part into three further sections for braiding. Now braid the middle section till the end and then gather all the hair into a ponytail. Secure it with a band. The braid in the middle gives the illusion of Mohawk but in a stylish way. Moreover braids doesn’t need to be vertical or on the crown always. You can also obtain a stunning and glamorous updo for short hair by braiding your hair differently. For example, braid your hair horizontally from one side to the other at the nape of your neck. Your updo is ready. Let the flyaways at the front be the way they are and pin the ones on the back. Don’t forget to put some stronghold spray for keeping the updo in place.