Adorn your braid with embellished accessories for completing the look. There is one more way to braid a stylish updo in your short hair. Take a section from one side of your hair and start braiding it to the other side. As you go on, keep adding hairs from the bottom to your braid. Also, make sure your braid is at the centre of your back and when you reach the centre, collect all the remaking hair, twist and roll them into a bun. You can also use some accessories for adding a little a little glamour and drama to your updo. Now here’s a unique, glamorous and easy updo that you can do on your short hair. To begin, deep side part your hair and comb well. We will work on the side with more hair. Start from the front and make make a side braid till the back of your ear. Pin it behind your ear. Now make another braid beside it and pin it as well. Now pull all your hair up from your back section by section and start pinning them.

Let their end hang around freely from over the pin. Now you have got yourself an amazing crazy updo. Well, tight updo are obviously eye catching however, even the loose hairstyles have a unique charm on them. Also, they stand out when compared to other fancy updo since it doesn’t go by rules. Curl your hair a little by wrapping your locks around a big curling rod and pin them loosely around your head. Even let some fall over your forehead to frame your face. Let it be a little messy and yes use stronghold spray for keeping your updo in place. You have a pixie cut hair? Don’t worry we have an updo for you as well. Comb your hair and side part the front section. Let some face framing locks fall over your face on the side. Tease your hair a little over your crown to puff them up and add a little volume to it. Now all you have to do it put a metallic embellished band across your head. It will give your updo a finishing touch. Easy and glamorous right? If you want to go a little messy here is a little idea for you.

Finger comb your hair and take a section from one side and twist it. While twisting take it to the other side at the back of your head and secure it with pin. Now take a section from another side and do the same, twisting and pinning it to the other side. Make sure both the sections are one above the other. The loose locks from the sides needs to be pinned and you can tuck a few locks in the twisted section. Let there be a little mess in your updo. Not satisfied yet? Want another glamorous and easy updo for your short hair? Well, here we go. Tease your hair at the crown, backcomb for creating puff and adding a little volume. Smoothen the top of the teased hair for a neat look and pin the section at place.

Now take one section from one side, twist it and pin it at the centre. Take another from the same side below the first one and do the same. Add two more twisted section from the same side, pinning all of them one under the other. Do the same with the other side. Take four separate sections, twist them and pin them. You can either let the loose ends dangle freely where the are or pin them in the way you want. You can also do a variation with side parting and doing four section twist and pinning them in the center. Let the hair on other side be loose. Or, you can just take the hair from the other side and pin them behind your ear. If you want an updo, length of hair doesn’t really matter. There is always an updo, easy and glamorous for all length of hair. All you have to do is look and try hard. You can add your own variation to the given styles. Don’t be afraid to make your own statement. Get crazy, get bold and let your updo do the talking. More confident you are, more you will be able to flaunt your style your own way. So, pick a style and turn them into your own updo with adding colors, textures or accessories. Go girl, rock the world.