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17 Great Eyeliner Tips For Makeup Lovers

Every makeup junkie should know these incredible eyeliner tips! Eyeliner is such a major part of our beauty routine, and the perfect wing is the icing on the cake. Here’s a compilation of eyeliner hacks and tricks just for you! These Eyeliner Tips Will Change Your Life When I was …

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3 Ways to Ensure Your Foundation Isn’t Cakey

Admit it—you’re a diva. You love nothing more than dressing up and looking pretty for any occasion, be it work, a party, or even a fun day of shopping with the gals. You pull out all the stops to make sure you’re well-groomed and styled each time you leave home. …

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Your overall appearance of the face can be greatly affected by how you apply your eye makeup. Since eyes are one of the best features of one piece you need to do the eye makeup very carefully and beautiful as well. It is the colour of your eyes and your …

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30 Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas That Are Absolutely Jaw-Dropping

Well friends it seems the creepiest time of the year is here and it is time to get scary. With Halloween soon approaching, girls it’s time you decide the parties that you are going to grace with your presence and the ‘not-so-graceful’ but creepy makeup that you will be putting …

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30 Gorgeous Makeup Inspirations That Are Worth Copying

These following makeup inspirations simply made me speechless, and am sure all of you would fall in love with them. I simply mean to say that these gorgeous ladies know how to look glam. When you see them and their perfection of makeup you would simply be awestruck. Some of …

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