Cross-Hatched Technique
All you need for this smokey eye is brown eyeliner and a Q-tip, or anything else that can do some serious smudging. Begin by applying the liner along your top lash line the way you would any other day. Then, draw one line from the corner of your lash line diagonally up to your crease. Just below that, draw another line perpendicular to the first, then draw a third in the same way. Next, draw three lines criss-crossing the first lines. When you’re done, you should have liner covering the outer half of your lid, from the lash line to the crease, in a winged out shape. Draw one final line from the outer corner midway through the bottom lash line. Finally, take your Q-tip (or another blending tool!) and blend the liner on the lid until it’s one smudged out look, blending the bottom line as well, and you’re set!

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