You can shape up your lip any which way you want with a lip liner only if you know how to apply it. We are here to help you achieve irresistible lips.

Lip liner – the unsung hero of makeup

Till date, there are many out there who still wonder why the lip liner is given so much of importance nowadays. Earlier, lipstick alone helped us achieve the perfect look, but today we cannot think of using our lipstick without lip liner. If you think of it then you will realize that now the lip liners have made our life so much easier. Now you have the boundary drawn by the lip liner and you just fill up the lips with your favorite lipstick without worrying much. The lip liner has done its job of outlining your lip, giving it a fuller and sometimes intense look. It is mainly because, in the recent past, we have discovered the magic that a lip liner can create. If you are not born with beautiful big lips, then the lip liner will help you achieve those irresistible pouted lips in no time. Everything depends on how you apply the lip liner. It works like a magic wand. You can just dream about the beautiful lip you want and your magic wand will spell the magic to give you that perfect look. The best makeup artists will vouch for the importance of lip liners. You are not in the 90’s anymore. Dark lip liners were a craze at that moment. Women used to line their lips with dark shades and then fill it up with frosty and pale lipsticks. I know, I know, it was scary, but thankfully, things have changed for the better now. Our fashion sense has evolved and now almost all of us have a basic knowledge of applying the lip liner.

Bracing yourself before the application of lip liners

Ok, now we have had enough of how horrible things were in the past. Now at present time also there are many who don’t know how to apply the lip liners. No, don’t shy away from admitting your ignorance. You will be surprised to know that there are many who don the lip liner without knowing the technique. Therefore, don’t see yourself as a layman who is trying their hands on something new. If this is the first time you are trying your hands on a lip liner, then you are at the right place. We are here to guide you through all the steps and by the end of it, you will have full knowledge of the world of lip liners.

Are you following these steps?

1. Are you moisturizing your lips? Applying lip balms definitely help moisturize your lips, but only moisturizing won’t help because the dead skin cells are sitting there to mess up your lipstick. 2. So, the next step is to exfoliate. If you haven’t included exfoliation to your lip care regime, then you should start doing it right away. These two steps are very important to all and most importantly, you will be the owner of a luscious pink lip if you get started with this simple lip care regime.

DIY lip scrubbers

If you like to stay closer to earth with your beauty products, then here are some of the DIY lip scrubbers that you can use. This won’t take much of a time and you can prepare these with easily available materials. 1. Honey and brown sugar lip scrub Things you need: • Brown sugar – 1 tbsp • Honey – 1 squirt (just enough to make the paste) • Vanilla – 1 drop How to prepare and apply the lip scrub • Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and store it in an airtight jar. • Rub the mixture gently on your lips to exfoliate. Then allow it to sit for 1-2 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Now apply a generous amount of lip balm after the exfoliation. Exfoliate your lips with this mixture once or twice weekly. 2. Lip balm and coconut oil lip scrub Things you need: • Lip balm – 1 tube • Granulated white sugar – 2 tsp • Coconut oil – 1 tsp How to prepare and apply the lip scrub • Squeeze out the lip balm from the tube into a bowl. Add the sugar and make it a granular paste, now it’s time to pour in the coconut oil and stir it to get a thin consistency. Your lip scrub is ready to be stored in a jar. • Apply a generous amount of the mixture and massage gently then rinse it off with lukewarm water. You can use this mixture 3-4 times a week. 3. Honey and sugar lip scrub Things you need: • Sugar – 2tsp • Honey – 1tsp • Almond oil – 1tsp • Cinnamon – a pinch (optional) How to prepare and apply the lip scrub • Mix all the ingredients together to make a smooth paste and put it in a small container. • Apply the mixture on your lip and gently massage your lips for one minute. This will remove the dead skin and when you wash it off with warm water you will have soft pink lips. 4. Orange and honey lip scrub Things you need: • Castor Sugar – 1 ½ tbsp • Olive oil – 1tsp • Honey – 1tsp • Orange essence – few drops How to prepare and apply the lip scrub • Mix all of them together and form a paste. • Now rub this mixture on your lip to get rid of chapped lips These are four easy lip scrubs that you can prepare at your home and store for further use. It is time to steer our attention back to the lip liners now that we are done with the lip care regime. Our lips are now clean and moisturized properly to embrace the lip liners. If you are the kind of person who is not into DIY, then you can get the lip scrubbers that are readily available in the market. While selecting the scrubber, you must look into the ingredients to see whether it will suit you or not.

Prepping up before applying lip liner

When you are doing your makeup, it is better to apply the lip balm first. This will help the balm to sink in and will be ready when you finally arrive at your lip makeup. It is important to choose the perfect shade of lip liner; else the whole look can get messed up. While selecting the lip liner, you will have to remember that it should be one shade lighter than the shade of your lipstick. If you are new to the world of lip liner, then you can find yourself some versatile shades that will go with your lipstick. You know which lipstick color you prefer so depending on that you can have your lip liner collection. The wine, red, and nude lip liners are the best collection you can have if you have just started out your lip liner collection. Red goes well with any orange based or berry-based colors and the wine shade lip lines are best suited with raspberry, plum, and wine look. The lighter pink lipstick gels well with a nude lip liner. You can be old school while selecting the lip liner or you can get a little experimental. Don’t be scared of trying new things. Lip liners are not permanent markers, so chill. You can easily wipe them off. Who knows, while experimenting with your favorite lipstick and an odd lip liner you can come up with your signature shade? So, keep experimenting with lip liners.