Looking for the best fresh-looking makeup tutorial so you can stay vibrant all day? These need-to-know beauty tips will prolong your makeup’s staying power, leaving you with makeup as strong as you!

How to Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day

When you’re powering through a work day, the last thing you have time for are touch ups and sessions in front of a mirror. These 8 tips will increase your makeup’s staying power, resulting in long-lasting, fresh-looking makeup. We like to think that strong women deserve strong, long-lasting makeup; don’t you?

Below are foolproof tips to keep your makeup looking flawless all day long.

1. Exfoliate

First things first, in order for makeup to last long and look fresh, the canvas upon which it is applied must also be smooth and fresh. In order to have a fresh canvas, you must exfoliate no more than twice a week (any more and you may irritate your skin, leading to irritation, broken capillaries, or acne). Don’t forget that your lips need to be exfoliated too! A quick and easy scrub to exfoliate your skin with is sugar and coconut oil.

2. Moisturize

Moisturizer is a step that should never ever be skipped! Applying moisturizer before your primer will ensure that your makeup stay in place and look fresh all day long. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, go for a moisturizer that is oil-free; on the other hand, if you have dry skin, pick a moisturizer.

Never ever skip moisturizing, it will do you so much good. Applying moisturizer on the skin is one of the best trick to keep makeup on all day. It hydrates the skin, it preps the skin for foundation and it smoothens out the skin too. If you have oily skin, pick an oil-free moisturizer. If you have dry skin, look for a moisturizer with ceramides, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. These three ingredients will moisturize, strengthen and plump your skin. And, most importantly, always wear sunscreen (but you already knew that, didn’t you?)!

3. Always Apply Primer

Primer is the number one rule to keeping your makeup looking fresh and lasting long. (To quote Gretchen Wieners, “I mean, that’s just like the rules of feminism.”) Apply primer all over the face and on the eyelids (eyeshadow needs some staying power too!). The only trick to primers is finding the one that’s right for you. Hmm, maybe that’s an idea for a post…STAY TUNED!