Wish you had a slimmer jawline, a thinner nose, chiseled cheekbones or pronounced eyes?? A facial contour is a technique in which makeup enhances and shapes the facial structure. You can get this effect. All you need is the right contour shade to make this happen.

What shade to use?

It’s best to use shades of brown that are matte in color. I would recommend using a cream foundation or powder that is four times darker than your skin color. You want the depth in the color to work in shaping your cheekbones, nose, neckline and forehead. So, if you are very light, do not use too dark of a color as it will look muddy and unnatural. Contouring should look natural and give your face more definition.

Avoid using browns that are too red. Select a brown that is more cool or taupe in shade as it will blend better and look more natural.