And remember the basic principles of light and dark. Lighter colors will highlight, make objects come forward; as darker colors will push back, recede, and look less pronounced. If you want to make your nose or forehead or jawline look less obvious, use a darker color. If you want an area in your face to look bigger or brighter, use lighter colors.

Shimmer or matte

Contour shades should be matte; avoid shimmer. Shimmery colors will likely highlight areas that you want to conceal. If you want to use highlighters with contouring, use a separate highlighter above and over the contoured area with a fluffier fan brush. Always use highlighters with a soft particle size, not too glittery or chunky.

Tools to use 

It’s best to use a contoured and stiffer brush rather than a big fluffy one. The brush head should be no more than 1” wide, as you want to create lines and angles to give you depth and definition. A more controlled brush head will give you the lines you need in defining your facial features. Save the fluffy brushes for highlighting and blending.

You can also use a wedge shaped sponge, as this will give you the control of a brush head and you can blend with the flatter side of the sponge.

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