Learning how to do makeup is an art that has been, for thousands of years, an essential component of the entire beauty process. The people of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Sumer, the Indus valley, and a host of other civilizations, both men and women, across the timeline of history, right through the Middle Ages to the present period, have been privy to this art of enhancing one’s appearance through the aesthetic application of cosmetics.

In this century and the previous, however, the ideas of natural and inner beauty, sans any makeup, were posited by the feminist movement in different parts of the world, terming the use of cosmetics as a form of enforced notions of femininity. On the other hand, this period has also seen the development and evolution of multiple techniques and methods that have led to the art being perfected to the tee. All contestations aside, knowing how to do makeup or the ability to apply makeupimmaculately is still a skill envied by women across the female demographic and to a certain extent with the other sexes as well.

  • Step 1: Moisturiser and primer
  • Step 2: Apply foundation
  • Step 3: Concealing with a concealer
  • Step 4: Blush, contour and highlight (BCH)
  • Step 5: The time for eye makeup
  • Step 6: Luscious lips at last!

With makeup, as with all other forms of art, there is no right order to go about it. Some prefer doing their eyes before the rest of their face, some other areas. However, one suggestion that most makeup experts would agree to, is to cover those regions first that are often the most difficult and tend to take up the most amount of time in the entire application process. Another rather efficacious tip would be learning how to apply makeup so as to better achieve the desired look, and with minimal inconveniences.