The layering technique helps you blend your makeup better, ensuring that you get a more natural and refined look and that all of those cosmetic products being applied do not result in your face looking cakey in the end. There are certain steps that you need to follow so that your makeup blends in perfectly with your skin and doesn’t come off as freakishly unnatural. Most importantly, it is of crucial importance that you use quality cosmetics for your makeup, right from the brush to the foundation and your mascara. The products do not need to be outrageously priced, only made with good quality and non-toxic ingredients. Investing in the right tools and products can make a world of difference to your appearance and makeup routine.

Read on as BeBeautiful brings to you a step by step guide, on how to do makeup in the quickest and most convenient manner possible and all you’ve to do, is to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Moisturiser and primer

It is of the utmost importance that your face is moisturised and well hydrated before you apply any makeup onto it. A hydrating cream, in this regard, works excellently since it even helps all the following products blend into your skin better.

Then apply a primer, as it not only helps your face stay hydrated, it also enables your makeup to stay on for much longer.

Step 2: Apply foundation

The foundation is one of the most essential elements of your makeup since when correctly applied, it can help provide your face and neck regions with an even toned, natural appearance. Use a foundation brush, preferably white-tipped, to apply the foundation to your face. Foundation, fundamentally, is of three types viz. liquid, powder, and cream. For those who do not wish to use too much of it, it is recommended that you only apply foundation to regions you wish to even out and leave the rest of your face foundation-free. It is also important that you blend it well with the neck regions so that your facial makeup doesn’t come across as out of place with your neck. A quick tip, you can always use the primer to break down the opaque foundation so as to make it appear clearer and blend better.