If you’ve been slightly bored recently, and your reflection in the mirror doesn’t please you like before, it’s time to change something in yourself – for example, the color of your hair. According to Instagram accounts of trendsetters, there’s been one unusual coloring technique very popular for several seasons in a row – metallic hair color. Bronze, silver, platinum, pink gold – now these can be not only jewelry items but also your strands!

What Is Metallic Hair?

The main benefit of the metallic hair coloring technique is a play of shades. The colors literally shine, changing in their undertones depending on the lighting. This makes the hair tones look like real precious metals – iridescent, bright and bewitching – and it’s impossible to look away!

It’s worth noting that the author of the original metallic hair color is the celebrity stylist Guy Tang, who has won great popularity in social networks. It’s he who began experimenting with cold shades of rose gold, silver, and platinum, and eventually got unusual color solutions and a glossy, almost metallic hair shine. How does the hair, dyed with such color look? Let’s see!

The hair stylist created a line of metallic hair dyes in collaboration with Kenra Professional. These innovative products give the effect of magnificent metallic shine, which can’t be achieved with conventional hair cosmetics.

If you want to try the metallic hair trend for yourself then consider that you’ll have to plan several coloring appointments, since the metallic dye works on light, platinum blonde hair only.

The Greatest Shades of Metallic Hair

Famous hairstylists offer us a huge selection of ultra-trendy metallic shades – steel, graphite, blue, pink, lavender, smoky purple, pearl lilac, and others. The main thing is that the color should have the cool undertone and wonderful metallic glow.

#1: Metallic Balayage

Metallic shades remain relevant for several seasons: they appear regularly in new collections of lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes. But now the metallic obsession has reached its peak – colorists all over the world hear the requests of their clients who want metallic balayage. This is essentially a well-known balayage technique – a soft color stretching between two contrasting shades. However, in this case, the emphasis on some strands and ends is put not on the classic blonde or caramel tones, but on the entire spectrum of the rainbow colors. This technique is applied only to particular strands so that the color shine resembles the glow of a real metal. The fans of experiments will most certainly enjoy this hairstyle because with the help of metallic balayage you can create an incredibly beautiful holographic effect on the hair.

#2: Metallic Rose-Gold Hair

Almost every pink shade corresponds to a certain style that brought it popularity: for example, if pure and bright fuchsia color is associated with punk, then the color of pink powder means vintage elegance. The rose-gold color itself combines two luxurious colors into something unique, elegant and very stylish. It’s so elegant and classy that it managed to affect the style of interiors, gadget designs, accessories, make-up, and even hair. After all, there is no other such unobtrusive and at the same time fashionable shades like this one! Often, the rose gold color tends to attract warm shades, because pink is close to peach, and gold – to yellow. This especially suits tan-skinned women, but for women with pale skin, this hair shade will be quite a good choice as well.