Find Light Summer Foundation

In the summertime, switch from heavy, matte foundations to light and shimmery ones.

Such lighter foundations will hide all the imperfections, while you will remain to look glowy and fresh. Apply your foundation with beauty blender or sponge.

Brighten Your Eyes (aka Hiding Blue Bags)

After applying your eye cream, your concealer will blend in much better than usual. Hiding your imperfections will help you look fresh and awake. That is why this step is essential.

There are no particular products you should use here. Just apply the regular highlighter, luminizer or concealer.

Add a Bit of Radiance

Applying a bronzer is officially the first of summer glow up look. You can opt for blendable bronzer. That way you can contour it better. Apply the bronzer to the cheeks with a brush and then to the outer corner of your eye with your fingertips.

If you were wondering what bronzer to choose – here are some tips. Matte bronzer will make your face look warm. On the other hand, the shiny bronzer will make your face look sun-kissed and glowy. It is for you to choose!

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