Pink Cheeks Vibes

Add a bit of color to your cheeks. We know this might be strange, but according to the makeup gurus, this will add fresh and youthful vibe to your face and makeup.

Trick: Add some of your peachy or pink blush as an eyeshadow!

It’s Time for a Highlighter

When choosing a highlighter, make sure not to pick too glittery one. In the hot summer weather, you can quickly look too shiny – from your makeup and the heat.

Apply a cream highlighter to the cheekbones, nose bridge, forehead, and the lower eyelid. With highlighter, you will look sun-kissed and glowy, even though you are in your office.

Apply a Mascara

Don’t let the rest of your outfit empty. You can always define your eyelashes or add a bit of eyeshadow. Our suggestion is to go with gold or beige tones that will match with the rest of your glowy summer look.

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