Looking to try something new with your hair? Here are 50 different types of braids that you have to try to change up your hairstyle.

Different Types Of Braids

Braiding your hair is a fun way to change up your look without a ton of work. Here are fifty different types of braids that you can try on your hair. Guys will love the new looks, and you’ll have fun trying new hairstyles!

Traditional Braids

If you’re looking to add some easy braids to your repertoire, start with these easy traditional braids. These braids are easy to do on your own and they’ll look great!

1. Traditional Three Strand Braid

This is the braid that your mom probably threw in your hair at the last minute when you were running late. For some reason, guys can’t figure out how to weave the three strands together into this braid, but they love to look at it. A traditional three strand braid is great to add to your usual hairstyles if you don’t usual braid your hair. Try adding extensions to make the braid longer and fuller!

2. A Side Braid

Pulling your hair to the side when you braid it adds a bit of a formal look to a traditional three strand braid. Plus, it’s fun to pull this braid to the front and flip it back when you want to show your attitude through your hair.

3. French Braid

French braids are a different twist on traditional three strand braid hairstyles. French braids require you to keep picking up hair as you go, adding to your three strands, and creating a braid close to your head. A French braid will stay in your hair longer than a regular three strand braid if you have an active day!

4. Loose Braid

While a traditional three strand braid uses a tight, strong weave, a loose braid is more of a casual look. Leaving some shorter strands out and letting your braid fall naturally will keep your braid loose and fun.

5. Three Braid Braid

You can really change things up by braiding three sections of your hair and braid them together. This gives you a thick braid that guys will love. Hairstyles using braids and then braiding them are a really fun way to think outside of the box of your usual styles and try something different with your hair.

Pig-Tail Braids

6. Traditional Pigtail Braids

You don’t have to be a little kid to throw your hair into pigtail braids. These are a great beach look if you want to keep your hair from blowing into your face, and they’re a fun throwback to your childhood.

7. French Pigtails

Divide your French braiding skills in two and create this stylish pigtail look. It’s different and fun. Pigtail braids are great for working out or going out, and they’ll stay tight against your head for as long as you want them there!

8. Boxer Braids

A different take on the many types of pigtail braids is trying out a boxer braid. This is a look that guys will totally love because it looks like it takes some effort, but it’s really super easy!

9. Short Hair Braids

You don’t need hair extensions to wear awesome braids. You can try this different take on traditional styles by French braiding your hair until the top of your neck and finishing it off with a short ponytail. Girls with longer hair, you can use this look too. Leave long ponytails at the top of your neck for a half braid/half pony look!

10. A Switch Braid

Think outside the box by combining two different types of braid with this switch up. Start with a French braid on top and transition into a fishtail braid once you get to the top of your neck. You can play around with different styles of braid, too, to create your own switch braid. You can even start with a braid on top and switch to regular pigtails at the bottom.

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