Fish Tail Braids

Fishtail braids have become a staple in fashion. These types of braids are easy to dress up or dress down. Try these fishtail braid hairstyles to elevate your usual look.

21. Traditional Fishtail Braid

If you’re new to fishtail braids, start off simple with a traditional braid. Use the fishtail technique on your hair and let your braid fall easily down your back. You’ll love the way it looks!

22. Side Fishtail Braid

Shifting your fishtail braid to the side gives you the sassy hairstyle you want, but it also looks sleek and professional at the same time. Side fishtail braids are perfect for in the office and out on the town.

23. Chunky Fishtail

When people think braids they usually think of a tight weave or a loose, casual look. They don’t usually think big. Try this large, chunky fishtail to change how people think of braids. You can do this in a single braid down your back or as pigtail braids.

24. Fishtail Braid Bun

Create three fishtail braids on your head and then tie them together in a messy bun. The multi braid look is a lot of fun and really easy!

25. Multiple Fishtail Braid

Using multiple fishtail braids in your look is fun and stylish. Cross a few braids on the back of your head and then braid the rest of your hair down your back. This look can be paired with a sun dress or a formal dress!

Types Of Advanced Braids

Once you’ve mastered some easier braid styles, you can try these more difficult braids. They may be advanced, but they’re still doable!

26. Upside Down French Braid

Unlike the traditional French braid, this one starts at the top of your neck and moves up. Braid your hair as you go up and finish with a nice bun at the top of your head. Don’t try this one until you’ve mastered the regular French braid, but it’s a fun trick to impress anyone who sees you!

27. Loop Braid

The loop braid requires braiding together multiple sizes of strand of hair. You use thick and thin strands to create this beautiful look. Make sure you’ve mastered a regular braid before you go for this one because it’s harder to work with different thicknesses of strand than to just braid three strands together!

28. Interwoven Braid

This braid definitely can’t be done if you’re in a rush. It requires weaving your hair together with intricate detail. It’s not impossible, but it’s on the more difficult side in terms of braids. The end result is worth the work, though!

29. Braided Chignon

The braiding itself in this one isn’t the hard part. You use simple braiding techniques to form the different parts. However, getting it to look like this beautiful design is what makes it a more advanced braid!

30. Ponytail Wrapped In French Braid

For this intricate braid, you put your hair up in a normal ponytail. You then use regular French braiding technique to create a wrap around the ponytail. This is one of the more difficult braids to do, but it looks awesome.

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