Some situations call for long-lasting, melt-proof makeup, and summer is one of those times. We love spending time outside, but enduring the heat and protecting against sweat and shine is essential.

Whether exploring nature on hikes, enjoying time with friends at barbecues or and even taking our fitness routine outdoors, we have a few tricks for giving our makeup staying power. With these sweat-proof makeup tips, your makeup routine will be ready for the season.

sweat-proof makeup essentials

Keep it Simple
When it comes to exercise, there are two types of people. Those who go makeup-free and those who don’t. Sure, there are perks to working out with a clean face, but if you’re like us, and want a little extra oomph when getting fit, the key is to keep your makeup simple. Our favorite sweat-proof makeup look starts with a great moisturizer (like BeautyPrep Moisturizer) only uses three products.