Collar Clips

If you don’t particularly like chunky necklaces yet still need an accessory to complete your look, collar clips are your best friend. Not to be confused with collar pins used for mens dress shirts, collar clips are closer like brooches, but with a modern and stylish twist. They easily elevate the elegance of a basic collared shirt, and with seemingly limitless designs you can add a personal touch to your outfit.

Boxy Jeans

Who knew denim could be so dressy? Although skinny jeans seem to always be in style, now more than ever, people are choosing boxy jeans instead. Unlike wide-boot or flared jeans, boxy jeans have a completely straight cut, more like that of a full-length skirt. Paired with a good heel and a cropped blouse or form-fitting top, boxy jeans can modernize your look.


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