Baker Boy Hats

Despite its less-than-fashionable sounding name, the baker boy hat is one of this season’s hottest new fashion accessories. Typically black or a shade of brown, it can either be dressed-up for a more refined look, or dressed-down for an everyday look. Whether it be paired with a casual pair of jeans or an animal-print coat, you’ll be dressed to impress with this classic go-to hat.

Skirt Suits

Skirt suits allow you to look sharp and professional while underlining your femininity. As a plus, full-length prints and sleek, modern tailoring will visually add a couple inches to your stature. If you think you can’t pull-off Cher Horowitz’s famous yellow plaid skirt suit, or the mini-skirt and pinstripe blazer combo worn by pop icons in the 90s, reconsider! The skirt suit is sure to become your next favourite wardrobe staple.


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